Scholars of 2018/19 receiving their Chevening certificates

One of the vibrant Chevening Alumni, Mr. Aziz Amin Ahmadzai has coordinated with A-CAN and Afghan Aim (a local consulting firm) to conduct an information session for aspiring Chevening Scholarship applicants. His proposal was accepted by both A-CAN and Afghan Aim to conduct a very pivotal Chevening Enrichment Seminar at Safi Landmark in October, 2018. At least 1300 youth from various backgrounds showed interest to participate in the event whilst the organisers could only accommodate 213 participants after a close analysis of the potential applications. In this event, a particular quota was allocated for female applicants and a significant number of women have joined the program to enhance their information and ask their questions. Mr. Abdul Raoof Umary has delivered a presentation on the introduction and importance of Chevening Scholarship in Afghanistan. Later, Mr. Adil Zahed, Mr. Umary and Mr. Ahmadzai (Chevening Alumni) were the panelists for Q&A session. The event was covered by both local and international media outlets which was massively shared in various social media platforms.

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