The First Issue of Afghanistan – CAN’s Newsletter

Message from the President of Afghanistan – CAN

It is our great pleasure to present A-CAN’s first newsletter. As the executive team, we aim to keep you informed of our activities, and engage you to ensure a full collaboration between the network and its members. As the founding executive team, we are focusing on developing the strategies, by law, systems and mechanism to put the foundations for A-CAN so the next leadership could continue our legacy and have further initiatives to A-CAN future years. We are also planning to build partnerships and expand our network and activities.


Source: Chevening/ Afghanistan

In Kabul, celebrations were in order at the start of May as Cheveners gathered to celebrate the launch of their new Chevening Alumni network. After many years of meeting together informally, the Afghanistan Chevening Alumni Network (known as Afghanistan-CAN) has now been established and registered with the government of Afghanistan.

Deputy Ambassador James Squire officially launched the network at a ceremony at the British Embassy in Kabul, which was attended by over 50 people.

The Deputy Ambassador commended the network, saying:

‘I strongly believe that people—talented, committed and dedicated—and education, are critical to building the future of Afghanistan. I’m delighted that the UK is not only providing prestigious scholarships for Afghanistan’s brightest youth, but is also supporting the collaboration between these alumni and Chevening Scholars across the world.’

The evening also featured a speech from Tania Aria, the President of the Afghanistan-CAN, during which she set out the group’s vision:

‘Afghanistan Chevening Alumni Network (CAN) is a platform for the Chevening Alumni to contribute and share their insights in the economic, political and social affairs of the country; practice leadership; and give back to the community through promoting the Chevening Scholarship programme. It also serves as a bridge to strengthen the relationship between Afghanistan and the United Kingdom,’ said Aria.

‘Afghanistan-CAN provides the opportunity for well-informed, confident, and empowered Chevening Alumni to present the positive image of Afghanistan through their active voice in the national and international events.’

This newly-launched network will now provide a platform for professional advancement and interaction amongst more than 190 talented Afghan alumni who have graduated from the UK’s prestigious education institutions.

First Quarterly Board Meeting of A-CAN

After the official launch of Afghanistan – CAN, its founding and executive members have conducted the first Quarterly Board Meeting on (DATE, July) at (VENUE). After the consultations, the founding and executive team members have developed Afghanistan – CAN’s Action Plan for the year 2018. The members of the meeting shed light on some of the key priorities to be considered in the second half of 2018. They have discussed to conduct Chevening Scholarship Application Workshops in Kabul and in provinces, develop a database for A-CAN members, introduce Chevening Mentoring Scheme, conduct Afghanistan Chevening Annual Conference, conduct a joint regional and international conference, hold A-CAN’s 2019 leadership elections, and sign MoU’s with other alumni associations, universities and partners.

A-CAN arrange Chevening Scholarship Application Workshops in Kabul and in Herat

During the months of September, October and November, A-CAN conducted series of workshops to support and guide the interested Chevening Scholarship applicants for 2018 round of applications. A-CAN have conducted and facilitated four workshops in Kabul and one in Herat. In the mentioned workshops, a total of 400 enthusiastic participants have attended the events. Furthermore, through these workshops, A-CAN introduced the Mentoring Scheme through which the Chevening Alumni mentor the ambitious, talented and dedicated young Afghan applicants in their application stage and throughout their career paths. 

Chevening Alumni facilitate Chevening Enrichment Seminar at Safi Landmark

One of the vibrant Chevening Alumni, Mr. Aziz Amin Ahmadzai has coordinated with A-CAN and Afghan Aim (a local consulting firm) to conduct an information session for aspiring Chevening Scholarship applicants. His proposal was accepted by both A-CAN and Afghan Aim to conduct a very pivotal Chevening Enrichment Seminar at Safi Landmark in October, 2018. At least 1300 youth from various backgrounds showed interest to participate in the event whilst the organizers could only accommodate 213 participants after a close analysis of the potential applications. In this event, a particular quota was allocated for female applicants and a significant number of women have joined the program to enhance their information and ask their questions. Mr. Abdul Raoof Umary has delivered a presentation on the introduction and importance of Chevening Scholarship in Afghanistan. Later, Mr. Adil Zahed, Mr. Umary and Mr. Ahmadzai (Chevening Alumni) were the panelists for Q&A session. The event was covered by both local and international media outlets which was massively shared in various social media platforms.


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